Alaska or Bust!!!

Walt Disney Dream

“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.”
Aldo Leopold

Today is the day I continue a journey that I began almost 20 years ago. My destination is to return to the land that has been calling my heart for my entire lifetime…The Last Frontier.

A couple years of marriage and a 10 month old daughter and down the Alaska Highway my family and I headed during the summer of 1996. Young and at the beginning of my marriage the road waited ahead with many new sights to see and unknown challenges to overcome. One might think this is a story about the beauty and awesome wonder of the natural aspects of Alaska but it is also encompasses my passion, inner soul and understanding and appreciation of the meaning of life.

We traveled for 35 days meeting wonderful people and seeing magnificent sites and unbeknownst to me it would be this experience that beckoned at my heart causing me to work through some of the most difficult times of my life. Young and in love is not the time that one thinks about the little things in life. Rather after being knocked down one can see more clearly what life has in store.

As I gather my final belongings for my educational adventure I also pack memories of past experiences and dreams that I hope to explore.

Alaska…Here I come!!!